The Best Cruelty Free Mascara for Sale in Italy

The mascara is like the last brushstroke of a painting is what defines the eye makeup and gives greater emphasis. Having long, well-defined eyelashes is the goal of all the girls who want to have a special makeup in every situation. In addition, mascara can also be the only detail of a light daytime makeup and ideal for work or leisure time in the morning. Those looking for a cruelty free mascara will be happy to know that online sales and stores also in Italy are none very good and perfect for having long and well visible lips.

Better than Sex by Too Faced

The Better than Sex Mascara by Too Faced is a great product of intense and load-filled color but at the same time with a light texture that leaves no lumps and residues. The brush is ideal for elongation and gives almost an effective slice. It contains ingredients such as synthetic bees and vegetable stearic acid.

Lush Right Eyes

Even Lush, one of the leading cosmetic brands in the sector of cruelty and vegan, offers an excellent vegan mascara based on vegetable wax and wheat grass, this is the Eyes Right. This mascara in addition to coloring the eyelashes and stretching nourishes it thanks to a serum contained inside, especially to make sure that they do not snoop when they drip.

Benecos Magic Black Volume

A cruelty free and eco-bio-mascara  is actually the natural Black Volum of Benecos, this with only organic ingredients is also Vegan and Nickel-Tested. The color of the mascara is overwhelming and very accessory, and the brush allows not only to stretch the lips but also to define the shorter ones. Finally, among its main ingredients is the perfect Avocado oil to nourish and maintain healthy and well-groomed.

Neve Cosmetics Cervo Lash Mascara

The expensive Mascara Lash of the Italian company Neve Cosmetics is completely cruelty free and natural, in fact it contains no silicones or parabens. The effect when applied is very flashy and allows you to have long lips with frantically irresistible effect. Among its ingredients are the wax of sunflower seeds and white charcoal, which help to make the lashes voluminous and well defined.

Ultra Extension Mascara optical effect of Bottega Verde

Bottega Verde includes among its cruelty free mascara several really good products, some enriched with vitamins and other natural components. The best of these, to have very long eyelashes for several hours is the new Ultra Extension Mascara Effect, as it is understood by the name this has been specially designed for those who want an effective flaw. In its recipe we find Black Carbone and Vitamin E, these ingredients allow to nourish the lips thoroughly keeping them healthy and beautiful. Thanks to its professional brush it is possible to have bent and bulky lips.