How to create a nude makeup with Vegan products and Cruelty Free

The nude makeup both in winter and in summer allows women to be able to go out without fear of drooling makeup during the day as well which is great for keeping a natural look and not too flashy.

The nude makeup is a must, but you can also recreate it with Vegan and Cruelty-free products? Let’s find out, step by step how we can create a nude makeup that emphasizes facial details.

1-Create a natural base

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to create a natural base is necessary to use a specific brush for face also, you must use the right foundation. For example, we recommend you the Diamond Foundation Foundation Etre Belle. The foundation must be placed on the face in a simple and lightweight, without leaving streaks. The foundation then is blended with the sponge in the form of u or v, or the so-called beauty blender.To make it less shiny is more opaque, you can choose to use the powder compact powder, this is offered by Etre Belle and is ideal for vegans.

2-Choose an illuminating cheekbones and eyelids

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Selecting an illuminating light in color, you can succeed in giving a voice to both cheekbones eyes.Before using the illuminating But opt for a blusher ground that allows you to define the gray areas of the face to make it more streamlined and defined. After outlining the best cheekbones, along with the diagonal line from the nostrils to the ear, you must illuminate the cheek.

The illuminating Diamond Gold is available in several colors and is a vegan product, which allows illuminating the skin and eyes. To brighten eyes, you should use this product even on the eyelid, so you can make the outlined eyes and bright.With an eyeshadow Matt, you may instead choose to create an opaque effect in the hollow of the eye. The eyeshadow should be opaque to light but also to give a natural effect.

3-Black pencil to outline the eye

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Even if you’re opting for a nude effect, a black pencil will serve to outline the shape of the eye. Of course, you have to avoid creating a double line too, but you just go over the eyelid to give it more three-dimensional and make it look like the look wider and outlined. For the black pencil, you should use the Pencil Eyeliner Etre Belle.

4-Use a mascara to define your lashes

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To define the eyelashes and improve the natural effect eyeshadow and widen his eyes, you can use black mascara that makes it possible to expand the look. The dark mascara Lash-Express hyaluronic acid Etre Belle is perfect for a nude makeup vegan.

5-Apply a pale lipstick

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Finally, to complete your natural makeup must use a soft lipstick that will allow you to make the trick as bare as possible and not too aggressive. The pale lipstick has to go by colors of pearl beige, light pink or you can opt for a lipstick on shades of bronze or gold. To define the lips can make them more fleshy with a dark pencil that goes from brown to pink.

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