How to create a perfect base face with make-up products Vegan

For those who are vegan and follows a completely natural and free way of life from animal products, or chemical, it can be difficult to find the right products for the realization of a basic face with make up only vegan.

Today, many companies have been sensitized and have chosen to produce vegan products ideal for creating a basic face really perfect and free of imperfections that can ruin your make up. Let’s see what are the best products and how to a create  perfect base face.

What are the vegan products to create the makeup face

Risultati immagini per vegan

Vegans products that allow you to create a perfect make-up face are different. Today we offer the best:

diamond Foundation Foundation Etre Belle This foundation presents different colors to get a perfect face and especially to fit the natural skin color. This foundation has several advantages as a typical fluidity of mineral make-up, is able to fill in the imperfections, also acts as a sunscreen.

Base Face Etre Belle: this product is an ideal primer to be able to maintain younger looking skin and bright, natural ingredients in it are able to combat wrinkles, also applying the primer it is possible to set makeup and moisturize the skin to the best.

Loose powder compact: the loose powder, finally, is the final touch for a perfect make up. The compact powder of fine être is enriched with Aloe Vera and Vitamin C, to be able to nourish the skin, as well as to make it soft and silky. Finally, the powder also has the extract of Acai Berry makes an ideal powder to even out skin tone.

Face Base: how to create a perfect make-up

Risultati immagini per vegan cosmetici

 The face base is the first step to a perfect make-up, especially if you want the skin of your face appears bright and free from imperfections. With a data base make up perfect you can eliminate dark circles, signs of aging, wrinkles, blemishes and skin discoloration. But how to proceed to have a nice and smooth?

The first step is definitely wash your face and feed or by a natural cream, or with vitamins for the skin, so the skin will be more beautiful and bright. After feeding your skin with a cream or with vitamins, let them dry to avoid mixing products.

After applying the cream,you have to go to the primer. Just a small portion of the primer for the face Etre Belle to protect the skin and prepare it for the foundation.

In fact, after applying the primer must gently put the foundation, trying to blend it to better both on circles both in critical areas such as the chin and nose. Finally, pour everything on the neck and décolleté to eliminate the contrast with skin.

Finally, after applying foundation with a brush for the face, take some powder compact and defined everything.

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