How to make the magnetic eyes: vegan and cruelty free makeup!

All women want to have a magnetic eye make-up that can attract to it the looks on themselves and to make the most beautiful and outlined face. One makeup magnetic eyes is easy to achieve, just use the right products to make up. Surely you will want products that do not contain animal products and cruelty free. Here are tips for a magnetic eye makeup and with no animal products or components tested on them.

Create an oily base with the Primer

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In order to better adhere to the eyeshadow to the eyes is necessary to use a primer eyes,this makes it possible to adhere the powder to the eye lid,it is also possible to prevent the eyeshadow to accumulate in thecrease.In addition to the primer, to eliminate dark circles and actually make the magnetic gaze must use the Roll on concealer as the Golden Skins with caviar extract.


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After placing the base for your make-up magnetic eyes you will need to arrange to put the eyeshadow. A tip eyeshadow must be first spread on the eyelid and finally stretched and gradient towards the outer eye area,in this way extends the natural form of this and it makes it more beautiful and magnetic.But remember, to extend the eye’s natural form,you do not choose colors that come off too much from each other.

It is therefore recommended to use a lighter shade over the entire eye lid. The hypnotic eye shadow is ideal to be able to create a magnetic eyes and get the right contrast between the light and dark. After you apply the lighter shade on the eyelid it will be possible to switch to the use of darktinted.In this case you need to take a small and light brush, that allows to put the best eye shadow on the eyelid without damaging the application of the clear.

Finally, you have to light up the brow bone to be able to give more three-dimensional eye,so even the eyebrows will be more streamlined and ready to make it broader and magnetic eyes.

Pencil for eyes and eyeliner

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After applying eye shadow is necessary to use an eye pencil. This makes it possible to soften the pencil a bit ‘on the lower lid of the eye. Of course, the lower eyelid must be less than the upper rigged. To obtain a doe-eyed effect,after having applied using a pencil eyeliner that allows to pull the line towards the outside of the eye, creating an effect that makes it wider and magnetic gaze. We recommend the black eyeliner Waterproof black or brown proposed by Etre Belle.

Mascara to expand the look

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Finally, to expand the look and really make it super magnet you can use a mascara that makes lashes longer and nourished. The mascara Lash Express with hyaluronic acid Etre Belle is perfect for improving the appearance of the lashes and make them longer and nourished.The mascara is needed to make the biggest eye but also more attractive.

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