The face masks cruelty free perfect for the summer season

Cruelty free face masks are perfect to make your skin the perfect face to overcome the most of the summer season. During the summer the skin, due to the sun, tends to crack to dehydrate and can become less bright. For this reason, to regenerate the skin and make it even in summer the young and beautiful you have to do at least two face masks per week. In this way, you are able to remove impurities and shalt make your more beautiful and younger looking skin over time.

But what are the best cruelty free face masks ie without ingredients tested on animals? Let’s find out together!

Mud Mask 7 Heaven

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The mask enriched with nutrients from the Dead Sea comes with minerals rich in beneficial properties for the skin. The Dead Sea salts contained in the mask allow the elimination of the impurities that are formed within the pores of the skin. Using this at least once or twice a week you can make your skin clean and ready to remove all the imperfections that make the skin tone darker and less bright.

Pomegranate Mask

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The face mask pomegranate, it has several ingredients capable of improving the facial skin and protect it from the negative effects of the sun. The facial mask 7 Heaven Pomegranate, and in fact enhanced by passion flower, grape, raspberry, cranberry and vitamin E. All these ingredients are antioxidants that protect the skin but not only. Thanks to 7 Heaven face mask you can remove dead skin cells that lurk on the skin and leading to the formation of free radicals that make you age faster. This mask is ideal for the summer season, especially the antioxidants contained in the mask!

Cucumber Mask

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Who has never wanted a cucumber mask for the summer? But how boring it is to prepare yourself, take cucumbers, peel, clean etc … To avoid this problem you can choose instead to buy it ready and only made with natural ingredients! The Peel Off mask cucumber allows making the skin softer, brighter and smoother. The active ingredients of the mask can eliminate dead skin cells and make the skin firmer and toned. Cucumber also has a cooling effect and ideal to eliminate problems caused by the sun.

Self-heating mask with clay and jasmine

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The self-heating mask with clay allows you to make a real sauna on the face. The Jasmine pressed contained within eliminate fat within the skin pores and eliminates imperfections. This mask used weekly makes the facial skin, hydrated and clean. This is a highly relaxing mask, which is why you can use it after a stressful day at work or after a day at sea.

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