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Many have asked us why we wanted to choose to only sell products cruelty-free and vegan. How many products we use do not know where they came from and what’s in them? Lots! Especially in the world of cosmetics, big companies use scientific terms of chemicals we do not know. We have no idea what they are! Still, many of those ingredients (if not properly reported) has been tested on animals before being used in the product.

Cosmetics are in close contact with our skin, which is why some chemical components to be used must be tested. But we do not test them on our skin! Tests on poor animals, which are subjected to unnecessary suffering for our beauty and for the realization of cosmetics that can be created with natural compounds that do not need to be tested on animals.

Selling only products brand cruelty-free and vegan, so it is first and foremost an ethical choice. We do not want to use a cream and think that for that they were tortured and subjected to clinical examinations innocent animals. We want to use a cream put it on your face and think that makes us more beautiful, without causing unnecessary suffering to anyone.

Data in hand: how many animals suffer for cosmetics?

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Toxicity tests in animals are common around the world, of course, the world of cosmetics is not the only one to conduct animal tests. But why power this practice only for our beauty? When there are viable alternatives that do not involve any violence towards animals?

You have to know that most of the animals used for experimentation are not subject to either analgesia or anesthesia. Only 15% of animals, in fact, is subjected to anesthesia. Moreover, in most cases, the animals the vocal cords are cut to prevent you to hear the agony and screams of pain they are feeling.

According to the information provided by animal welfare organizations that fight the use of animals for laboratory tests each year are killed as many as 300 million animals of all types. According to the report Lav only in Italy there are 551 well-approved establishments that may well bring 900,000 animals in their testing. Of these establishments, 20% are addicted to cosmetic companies.

In total are subjected to this torture:

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  • 400 million animals for vivisection in the world
  • 1 million animals in vivisection Italy
  • 3,000 animals per day vivisection in Italy
  • 1 pet out of three is dissected in laboratories in Europe

Cheats cruelty free and vegan alternative to violence

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The best way to be able to avoid that every year there are these acts of violence it is necessary to commit to buying vegan and cruelty free products that use ingredients that are not tested on animals. In fact, these products have the main objective to devote himself to the beauty of man without causing suffering to any animal. These cosmetics are a viable alternative to traditional products and can provide the same effects in a more natural and ethical.

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