The best products with shea butter to take care of the face and body

Shea butter is a product that has several positive aspects, this acts on the skin in such a way as to make it softer, nourished and protected. Shea butter has been used for centuries to treat the skin naturally.

Today this ingredient is often used to make cosmetics and creams for the body and face. But which are the best vegan and cruelty free?

Let’s find out what are the best products to treat the skin with shea butter.

Revitalizing face peeling enriched with Shea Butter

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Facial peeling is a cosmetic treatment that eliminates dry or dead skin that makes the skin opaque. This product with Shea butter made by Flora allows cleaning the skin of the face and neck. The skin is suitable for those suffering from dry skin, as inside it is also possible to find shea butter jojoba micro-granules that allow eliminating the dead cells, which if they remain on the face could promote the emergence of radicals free, responsible for aging.

The cream for facial peeling with shea butter is able to revitalize the skin, make it brighter and at the same time young and beautiful to look at. To get the most out of this cream it is recommended to repeat this treatment at least twice a week. It is not recommended to do the daily peeling, because it could, on the contrary, make the skin red and irritated.

Hand Cream Shea Butter

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Flora’s hands both in winter and in summer they need to be nurtured and protected. The vegan cream with Shea Butter made by Flora allows you to restore the natural functions of the epidermis making your hands nourished at the same time more soft and beautiful to see.

The hand cream of Flora adapts to all types of skin and is able to prevent aging, the shea butter contained inside allows you to activate the natural functions of the epidermis making them more beautiful and young.

In addition to shea butter, the cream has been enriched with pure essential oils that can soothe redness and irritation. The cream is suitable for both winter and summer, in fact, protects the skin from the attacks of wind, detergents, water and cold.

Body cream for legs and feet with shea butter of Flora

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The body cream for legs and feet with shea butter of Flora, this is able to refresh, tone and deodorize the skin every time it is applied. This cream allows to deeply moisturize the skin thanks to the shea butter that penetrates inside the epidermis of the body, feet, and legs.

In addition to the shea butter inside there are also extracts of horse chestnut and ruscus, these are able to stimulate the skin microcirculation, in this way you immediately feel a feeling of well-being and lightness. The cream can also be used for the summer as an after sun, to soothe the skin from the summer sun.