Veg Up: Completely Vegan line of Cosmetics

While the cosmetics lines completely vegan and organic appear in greater numbers in Italy, are still a few cosmetic companies that are dedicated to the production of a fully vegan line and eco-bio , these include Veg Up.

Veg Up is a cosmetic company which as you can understand from the name alone produces cosmetics  and makeup vegan, this is also 100% Italian. On the main site of the company, which sells its products directly online you can find all the information on their production and their cosmetics.

Veg Up the fact he laboratories owned that not only produce cosmetics for their line, but also have the production of cosmetics for other national and international reality. Each formula, created in Veg up laboratories has just completely organic ingredients, natural and not tested on animals. All raw materials also come from fields planted with biodiverse farming concepts that also allows the foster cultures endangered.Finally, within the Veg Up products it is also possible to find the use of active biodynamic that serve to make the cosmetic active and fresh formulas.

The certifications possess Veg Up are different and all can testify to their commitment to the creation of natural and organic cosmetics. First are certified Vegan OK,but this is not the only one, in fact, also:

  • the BDIH Standard certification which confirms the use of ingredients biological and organic
  • The mark AIAB Eco Bio Cosmetics, an award that goes to all the companies that produce cosmetics respecting a precise specification eco-organic.
  • Nickel Tested: Finally, with this statement you can confirm that all cosmetics of Veg Up lines can also be used by people who are allergic to nickel.

Veg Up: the main cosmetics lines

Veg Up to all its customers offers the opportunity to devote himself entirely to his own beauty with countless Vegan products.

The first line we are going there to present is the one dedicated to the Make Up, in this section you can find everything you need to wear makeup, to the eye products such as eye shadow, mascara, eyeliner etc … up to cosmetics for face basis as the foundation, the earth and the blush. Finally, we find the lipsticks, lip glosses and pencils to give color to his mouth.

Besides all the cosmetic ideal for creating your own makeup Vegan,Veg Up also offers a wide selection of products dedicated to the beauty of the body and face. In these sections there are natural body creams, shower gel, face cream day and night eye cream, creme cleansing etc …

The Veg Up products are many and can cover all the needs of a woman who wants to feel beautiful and cared but using products that are beneficial to your skin and at the same time can be positive for the environment and animal friendly. As each line Veg also that of Veg Up besides not having animal ingredients, does not use any of these component tested.