Vegan MakeUp: how to recognize them and what to worry about

Today, we hear more and more to talk about green cosmetics that respect the nature and health of animals. But what are the 100% Vegan makeup and how is it possible to recognize them? The first thing to know is that not all cosmetics that are biological or eco or cruelty free are also vegans. For example, biological makeup, even if they are made up of completely natural elements, often have some of their ingredients from animal origin.

For those who adopt a vegan lifestyle, the danger of finding chemical or animal ingredients can also be found in other products such as those are called ecological. Even in cruelty free makeup you can find ingredients from animal origin. Indeed, the Cruelty free, alone, not accompanied by V vegan, indicates that components of animal testing have not been used for the creation of cosmetics, but may contain ingredients of animal origin such as eggs.

Being vegans, in fact, involves a number of ethical choices even on the basis of the purchase of the various products on the market. For this reason, many cosmetic companies have chosen to create Vegan makeup that can give assurance to their customers, to not find any animal ingredient inside their cosmetics.

How to recognize vegan makeup?

At this point you’re wondering how to be assured of purchase of 100% vegan makeup without having to make a makep by yourself. The first rule for a vegan makeup, it’s a face powder, a mascara or an eyeliner, is that within it there are absolutely no ingredients of animal origin. You can see the label, for more information i have spoken about that here.

To do some examples of organic and natural or cruelty free makeup that may contain: honey, beeswax, royal jelly, cochineal, lanolin, animal keratin, stearic acid of animal origin, propolis, animal glycerin, placenta, animal collagen, milk , Eggs, silk proteins, lactose and elastin.

If you want to learn more about the most common ingredients from animal derivation in cosmetics, i have spoken here.

All the components we mentioned, as you well know, can not be used in vegan makeup, just because they are all from animal origin. So to be sure that a cosmetic is vegan, it’s good to check that there are no such ingredients, though at least.

Certifications for recognizing Vegan makeup

In addition to checking the ingredients, in order to be sure to buy a vegan product, people has created associations that certify all products that meet vegan standards, including cosmetics.

Among the certifications you can consider safe, there is Vegan with a V marked on a sunflower. This brand is registered by the Vegan Society, an international company.

An Italian brand that controls and releases certification for vegan products is Vegan OK. His trademark is simply a V, which is then used by the cosmetic manufacturer to confirm that his makup is really vegan.

In addition to recognizing vegan tricks, you can also find a list of 100% vegan cosmetics from the various companies that control and certify the ingredients of the products. At the end of the necessary verifications, the Vegan certification is issued to them.

Of course all Vegan products are also Cruelty free, and they should also have Leaping Bunny certification. This way you can be sure that there are no ingredients from animal origin inside the cosmetics, but also that no ingredients was been tested on animals.